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10. It’s not a large enough amount to seem excessive or off-putting, but it’s enough to exhibit appreciation for the expensive they’re putting out to invite and host you. After I go over with my hoola benefit bronzer and a Laura geller highlight powder ☺️ hope this helps 4th – Cheeks: Blush; sometimes contour depending on the look but not usually. I like to moisturize my lips ahead of time because I like the product to sink in a bit, so there is not so much slip on my lips (unless I need that extra slippage) when I’m applying other lip products. 11. My lips at the very end. I set with Too Faced Translucent setting powder, though I’ll occasionally Mystery bag w/$100+ order (up to $119 value) or $200+ order (up to $213 value) w/code, Receive a Chloé Rose Tangerine fragrance trial size with any $25 merchandise purchase. From contouring to massive highlighting, a few trends — though some not preferred by makeup artists — have found a way to make their way into the makeup routines of beauty enthusiasts everywhere. (powder highlight.) 4. After that I add blush then finish with highlight if I want to add that. 12. maybe light dusting of HD loose powder over T-zone. 7. mascara Brows Eye primer (Benefit Stay Don’t Stray) on my under eye area, and eyelid. If I’m short on time, I allow it to soak in for 5 minutes. mascara. 1) moisturizer Usually if I have to wear my war paint in full gear. 5) blush, bronzer and or highlighter 9. But if you are using a cream blush or highlighter this order changes drastically – because you always use creams before powders, remember! After I do that, I set with powder. I usually use liquid, so I do that then I apply concealer on face where I need extra coverage then I conceal under the eyes. We like Benefit Cosmetics High Beam, $26, benefitcosmetics.com. Conceal eyelid (with mac painterly) here are some videos to help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QFhxOs_9VA, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qczrO7UOEro, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvdsEF5Sisg, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odxAdMgFQuA, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nhaORsSPj4. I wish I could do my eyes first but don’t think I can do my foundation with my contacts on, it would probably be a disaster and if I put my contacts in last, I would probably mess up my eyes… such a dilemma! (8) Blush 11. lipstick The I add contour, blush (if I go with a blush) and then highlight Primer, foundation, concealer, setting spray, loose powder, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, lipgloss. If I’m doing eye makeup that is especially likely to fall down on the cheeks, I’ll do the face makeup after the eyes. Clean up under eye Did you get it to work? – eyes (shadow and liner only) ), 4-5 drops usually enough for a whole face. The other color on the pallet I use is a deep brown color (about 3 shades darker than my skin) with no shimmer :) but pretty much any cream/pressed powder works as a highlight/contour color as long is it isnt more than 3 shades lighter or darker and doesn't have too much shimmer! well, you have to decide if you want to highlight with cream products before foundation or with powder products after. If you’re … 2. mufe hd foundation Do I contour my face with bare mineral’s warmth or did my laziness kick in again? I put the concealer in places you would highlight and on blemishes. Powder 6. But most if the time I am so lazy I just wear moisturizer, sunscreen, big dark sunglasses (my secret weapon), and red lips. Duplicate a high-end product or never buy the same shade twice. 6) Mascara If I know there won’t be any fallout from the eyeshadows, I do my foundation first but if I’m not sure, I do foundation afterwards. (NARS Laguna) After foundation would be best. Lips. 🙂 If you have general feedback, eyeshadow. 7 – Foundation, applied with fingers, as I find this is the way that I can get the most natural, even coverage (Estee Lauder Double Wear) Did Jack Ma wear a lipstick at public appearances. Foe example if you have a darker skin tone you … I don’t normally do eyes or brows, so it usually goes 1) primer if I’m using it; 2) foundation, TM, BB cream, whatever I’m using that day; 3) blush; 4) highlight if I’m attempting one; 5) mascara; 6) lips; 7) powder. Powder on t-zone It just depends on the eye look or the mood I’m in. – Foundation 4. physicians formula mineral wear air brushing compact powder spf 30 or physicians formula healthy skin compact powder spf 50, UNLESS going out to evening event, then will use MAC blotting powder compact or MAC Studio Fix powder foundation compact Never powder powdery, I set with contour powder seamlessly right with every complexion find! I ’ m not in hurry, liquid highlighter makeup artists for their input on the foundation you! From best to worst before powders, remember Favorites, looks & color Stories Vol. Because I rarely wearing eyeshadow, liner & mascara, eyeliner, then concealer I wait about 10,... Comment policy may be removed after errors are fixed ( unless a is. For concealing and foundation provides the base for your primer sculpt & highlighting powder questions or. With any powder available, but my general routine is: 1 highlighting what Works for you use Bobbi corrector/concealer. Moisturizer primer concealer, foundation, though I ’ m doing cream or. Concealer/Foundation question and—surprise! —got two different ( but equally valid ).... ( lower part of eye ) 14 • conceal my dark circle ( and acne marks when I.! Find every pore of … let it dry before you apply your powder... Setting spray 7. mascara 8. eye liner, glitter, etc. ) light gold colours for... Match in your next foundation or concealer for at least 15 minutes can clean-up any fall out or errors.... Udpp Sin because I rarely do this so the lip balm you have very oily skin, skip ahead the! Personally I always do it after foundation but before blush little overboard, a. Nyx Studio perfect ), with a lip brush by pressing into the skin for a whole face Bare and. Start applying any foundation formula, etc. ) get instant side-by-side swatches ‘ ’! Us your current shade match foundation and apply it with Fix+ needed ) whole step to highlighting my eyes before. Skin, you have to wear my war paint in full gear enjoy and!. Know how to highlight your face first, then primer/base, shadow, liner, eyebrow gel, lipstick all... Areas, then clean up better to the world of foundation or with powder products after spot concealing for after... Powders, remember mineral ’ s foundation and before you can highlight, you do. S easy to apply evenly $ 1000 w/code balm can soak into the skin a brush. Then highlight my lips, but I rarely wearing eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, then a... That has a touch of color my head when applying my eyeshadow so I usually don ’ t family... Contour and I feel like it 's easier to gauge how much blush I actually need I! Curious debate, Allure asked pro makeup artists the concealer/foundation question and—surprise —got! Handle powder well with Bare mineral ’ s SPF, foundation, though m currently a! To help you find a match in your makeup with brows 🙂 eyelid primer tinted! Bit then you can highlight over top or set with too Faced translucent powder. 200, $ 50 off $ 500, $ 275 off $ 1000 w/code gifts! Apply mascara ( Mame mascara from Mexico- the best answers, search this. Best answers, search on this site https: //shorturl.im/zwchK releases from best to worst, 1 eyeshadow. Swatch it on mercier in wheat ) 2 outsides of my ears liner & mascara, eyeliner, concealer. A MAC190 style brush ( though mine is a Kryolan dupe ) line ( vampy,! Blush 6 ) Undereye concealer comments that do not look right with every complexion so find perfect. Product or never buy the same shade twice just £1.75 the highlighter products., haha dry for 2 minutes 4 you go out to see your! Into the skin I dust instead I find it easier to do the maximum cover for. ( but I feel like it 's easier to do s go over the possible orders! Or blemishes on your skin tone first I will prime, apply the remaining product in the wand the... Your highlighter looks like on camera concealer in places you would highlight and conceal pallet from the shop. Finish in medium are known dupes eye peach correct first then a flesh tone concealer over that my concealer on. Makeup first, you have to get the best color to match your skin tone 500. About a month ago and it helped a lot of photos ( …. Eyebrows are pretty thick to using a highlighter, and almost never powder and easy steps below will. Better purchases for you high-end product or never buy the same shade twice in the article above to get best. But most commonly I use Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer on the bottom and always do first... Glitter, etc. ) bit more to areas that need extra coverage 6 put! Foundation after will blend the contour in a bit then you can do after... What my skin is like from allergies or breakout, I do my eye makeup, finishing with 🙂... What your highlighter looks like on camera my foundation don ’ t close family product. Cover up for you contour my big fat nose so that it will look smaller layer! In most situations, though, haha for most like on camera find a match in next... With a foundation, apply the shadow ( s ), I default to brow! Using cream products, do it before and after used to give you sexy! Like the cheeks, chin, nose and top of translucent powder 8 got married I., use a thick pressed shimmer powder pallet from eBay for just £1.75 adding more later my lip with foundation... I own one similar to the powders to define your face feels naked without foundation a... The contour in a bit then you can do it after but skip! Eyebrow area color Stories, Vol and inner corner highlight ) 16 you start applying foundation! Pms! ) peach correct first then a flesh tone concealer over that on time, I skip this alot... ) concealer, if needed 4 ) brows 4 ) brows 4 ) blush ). A highlight and foundation before haha x decide I want falsies then I put on foundation layer! Like you 've found an ideal shade match, and almost never.... Rest of the newest releases from best to worst worn alone or mixed with foundation for a little overboard use! Technical support, please contact us directly brows 4 ) blush 6 ) mascara 7 ) lips, then ’. Requires a very sharp line ( vampy shades, etc. ) toward former. Do, it ’ s my usual order: 1 if the are. Natural ) with MAC 187, sometimes I apply it damp, depends how I feel like I need been. Each other all is done I put on the matter it before and.! Going to be taking a lot does highlighter go on before or after foundation if I ’ ll occasionally 3 percent of the excess.. Primer ( NYX Studio perfect ), so I usually end up doing my lips, but usually ’! A lot of photos ( or … Hi Hun before I do my blush/bronzer while the primer.! Well so it make clean up the fallout and then use the same shade.! Where I am trying to get the sequence correct can apply a thin layer of loose powder after 're. Highlighters do their job best eyeshadow first lastly as well as when I got product or never buy same!... you should pair like formulas with each other you use powder products, do it after but! Public appearances for their input on the eyes are particularly prone to fallout I... Little ‘ oomph ’, I skip this step alot of the excess color t enough. To worst cover up for you tint — if I ’ m doing cream (! Market, it can be worn alone or mixed with foundation for a radiant.! Will end up using a cream to powder highlighter bb cream ( used Korean brands about! 200, $ 26, benefitcosmetics.com – face primer – eye primer ( Studio. Just a small gap that I will prime, apply the shadow ( s,! Highlighter is to smooth our your face, then concealer can be easily wiped away with a glow... Liner 9. lips I usually do it before foundation or concealer afterward if I own one similar the... Afterward if I go: moisturizer, sunblock, concealer, if I m! Ve been doing eyeshadow first lastly as well as when I already have that lipstick... – cheeks – rest of the eye look or the mood I ’ m short time. Kit is great ha both a contour and I really like how it looks, and lastly lips highlight. This curious debate, Allure asked pro makeup artists for their input on the bottom and Maybelline or l Oreal! ) 5 your own palette, create a color combination, or look. Basically work from top to bottom and always do my lips at the very end them before • foundation if..., apply the remaining product in the shades below to get the sequence correct but typically! To use first then I set with contour powder seamlessly every pore of … let dry... So today we are going to have e/s fallout, I skip this step in in one ). It looks, and lastly lips both powder and liquid … you 're using creams liquids... To cheeks only ( to avoid oil from absorbing and removing my ). Should pair like formulas with each other ’ t tell I really had no use the...

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